Meet The Coven


Here at Coven Lash and Beauty Studio, your safety is our top priority as well as the integrity of the natural lashes and brows you already have. We are an entirely cruelty free beauty studio that believes in caring about not only our clients well being but their desired look & will do everything we can to achieve it while using ethical products & adhering to the highest safety & sanitation standards. Our pricing is competitive yet affordable. We can assure you that when you come to us that you’re safety will not be at risk, we will walk you through the entire process to ensure we understand your desired look so we can achieve it, answer any questions you have, & you will know exactly what products are being used on you. All of the products we use are cruelty free, the majority of them also being vegan, even down to the cleaning products we use & the complimentary beverages we serve.

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