Where is the studio located & is there parking?

*Both the Hollywood & Los Feliz locations have closed now and moved into the new Burbank location!!*

Burbank Location 

Coven Lash and Beauty Studio is located inside the Burbank Salon Republic in #215 at 201 E Magnolia Blvd Suite370 Burbank, CA 91502. The entrance to Salon Republic is in the Burbank Town Center on the 3rd floor right near Burlington above the Forever 21. We highly recommend parking in the East Parking Garage for the Burbank Town Center on the 4th floor of the garage, as it’s entrance to the center puts you directly in front of the studio as you walk in. Parking is free.


What are the differences between the different types of lashes used for extensions?


All of the lashes we use are cruelty free & vegan. They are made up of synthetic mink or synthetic sable that has been cut with a laser for a natural look and feel without losing its curl. The synthetic mink has more of a glossy look, and the synthetic sable has more of a matte look. We DO NOT use any real animal hair for our lashes nor for our brows! It is not sanitary to adhere real animal hair anywhere near the eye, and you should be weary of any place that says they do so. For a through description of the different types of lash extensions we perform, please refer to the Service Menu. You can read about our brow extensions and other services/add ons there as well.

How should I prepare myself before getting lash extensions?


Please arrive at your appointment with no eye makeup on and your contact lens out if you wear them. Before your appointment if you would like to also get yourself oil free makeup remover and oil free makeup products to be used afterwards with your new lash extensions, then please do so. Also, please keep in mind that you will not be able to get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your service and plan your workout and showering activities accordingly.

Why would I not be able to receive the lash extensions service?

Pregnant women, people with alopecia, people with eye allergies, people with thyroid problems (medication causes hair loss), people with psoriasis, people with swelling or inflammation of the eyelids, people with glaucoma, and people under chemotherapy and radiation are not eligible to receive eyelash extensions as they all have compromised immune systems. Coven Lash and Beauty Studio apologizes if you fall into any of these categories but your safety is our top priority and we do not wish to endanger clients nor be held accountable should you have a reaction.

How long do lash extensions last?

Typically 1 to 2 months, but with routine fills at the recommended time, they can be maintained to look good and last continuously.


How often should lash fills be done?

We recommend that you get your lash fills every 2 weeks, 3 weeks at most based on your personal lash cycle, to keep your lashes looking their best. After 3 to 4 weeks it will be considered a full set again.

Why am I seeing spaces in my lashes, some of my lashes going in weird directions, or it seems like I’m losing more lashes than usual?

Everyone’s lash cycle varies in terms of growth, some faster while others are slower. That said, when we are applying your lash extensions, we avoid putting extensions on new lash growth because new growth is too small to handle the weight of the extensions, and it may result in there being a small gap in between lashes that is usually not noticeable to others. We will not apply extensions to the natural lashes that are too small because we are all about maintaining the integrity of your lashes, helping them to actually grow. Applying extensions to new growth that cannot handle the weight of the extensions could cause your natural lash to fall out and possibly not grow back. Your safety is our number one priority and we want to promote lash growth & dispel the myth that lash extensions are bad for your lashes. They are not bad for you when done properly. Also because of your new growth coming in, it may push on some of your natural lashes or extensions in an odd direction as they grow in. This can usually be rectified by brushing them in the direction you want them to be going after a shower, just like the hair on your head sometimes you have to train it to go in the direction you desire. If they are still unruly, then we can rectify it during your fill appointment. When it comes to seeing more lash shed than usual, this can happen because of multiple reasons, your personal lash cycle included. Many things can affect your lashes such as heat, humidity, medication, and your beauty routine. Humidity can affect the glue’s hold, heat can affect both the glue’s hold as well as your body’s natural response to shed more hair (this includes your lashes), a new medication could affect your lash growth cycle by speeding it up or slowing it down, and a new face product (cleansers, lotions, makeup) could also affect the glue’s hold. Don’t be surprised to see more fall out or shed during extreme heat or humidity, check with your doctor for side effects of your medications (even vitamins), and try to avoid using products on your face that contain oils. You can be assured though that even though some things are beyond our control, we always use the same products and methods on you every time we see you and that we will do everything we can to accommodate you should a problem arise.

What are eyebrow extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are a procedure to fill in gaps and enhance eyebrow shapes for a more polished and defined look. The main thing they can do? Tweak your brow shape. Your natural eyebrow shape is just a starting point. Extensions can give you a higher arch, a longer tail, more or less curve—you name it. They're also great for filling in bare spots. Because of this, brow extensions are a great option for people who have over tweezed, those with age-related brow loss, or those with medical-related brow loss caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or trichotillomania, but aren’t ready/don’t want to give microblading a try.


How long do eyebrow extensions last?


Typically 1 to 3 weeks depending on how much brow hair you currently have and how carefully you follow aftercare instructions.

What are the aftercare rules for eyebrow extensions?


Avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours. Avoid high humidity. Avoid using oil based products on your face (cleansers, lotions, makeup), oil free is key! Try to avoid touching them.

Does the studio offer microblading?


No, Coven Lash and Beauty Studio does not currently offer microblading, but we highly recommend any of the members of the babe squad at Crispy Brows Studio to meet all of your microblading needs. You may find out more about them, including booking information, at CrispyBrowsStudio.com

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